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See ladies, I told you he was a total bitch boy.  He fucking loves it, look, look at how he fucking wants more cock in his ass, yes he does, we can all take turns on his slutty ass cause he is my slave boy.  Wait to you see how it feels to fuck a boy’s ass, you will  love it forever

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Helpless to stop them Selena and the sissy trainers explain to you exactly what your future holds.

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I want to eat my cum but never can because i lose the feeling. Any suggestions?
love-cutefeet asked


Here’s a few ideas:

- Eat your cum with something else - use it as a dressing on your salad or mix it into your smoothie. Once you get used to eating it, it might be easier to try it on its own.

- Masturbate lying on your back, with your legs raised and down over your head (yoga “plow” position) so your cock is as close to your face as possible, and try to cum into your mouth so you can swallow it while still cumming. You’ll probably get it all over your face until you get the hang of it, but that’s ok, practice makes perfect!

- Cum in a shot glass and save it for a while until you’re ready to masturbate again… then when you’re aroused have a nice shot of cum! Or pour it over a dildo and then lick it clean as if you were cleaning a real cock.

- Save your cum from a number of orgasms in a condom in the freezer. Then pop it in your mouth when you start to masturbate… once it’s all melted suck the cum from the condom, and don’t allow yourself to orgasm until you’ve swallowed every drop!

Or, y’know, just get over it and lick it up like a good little slut! :)

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Boy, you’re in trouble for taking your eye off the road.

That’s your last chance gone of sex on your honeymoon. 

Your last chance of orgasm, sorry, you’ll be involved in a lot of sex.

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I am a guy that likes to put on girl lingerie, bridal gowns and girl suits, pajamas, and everything else I guess my question is there anything wrong with me for wanting to look like a girl. I have no other person I can talk to about this not my pastor not my parents not my sister who I tried on her clothes she told me I have no business in that kind of stuff is she right ?
Anonymous asked

If you want to do it go for it! I’d ask for permission before trying on your sister’s clothes though. Buy your own clothes if you can though Its your life and theres nothing wrong with it.

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What does sadist and masochist mean I have never heard of either of the terms before ? I personally check your captions around 7:30 am Monday through Friday and Saturday night around 6:00 pm .
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A sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others and a masochist is someone who enjoys pain.

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My older sister has a red silk suit and I wore it and she also has a red Kathy lee Gifford long dress does that make me a sissy for wanting to wear it or does it make me curious about what i would look like in it ? Can you answer my questions soon ?
Anonymous asked

I think it does make you a sissy :) but theres nothing wrong with that at all. 

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